HP1 Automaster Helper Arms

The Automaster HP1 arm is the perfect addition to either the AM-202IT, AM-203IT or the AM-204IT (HP1 XL version) tilt back tyre changers.

The pneumatically powered large cylinder delivers immense power to each of the three “helper” tools.

A simple air valve toggle control is located on the top of the arm to raise or lower the bead pressing tools.
The adjustable bead roller presses (and holds) the stiff top tyre bead below the surface of the rim to allow the correct mounting angle of the tyre going over the mount/demount head.
The lower bead disc lifts the lower bead into the well of the rim to assist the operator in removing stiff sidewall tyres, and helps with beads that have re-stuck after the bead has been broken.
The plastic block on the expandable elbow jointed bead presser arm (with an adjustable screw) keeps downward pressure on the top bead to hold it in the well of the rim as it rotates away from the mount/demount head. This replaces the normally used tyre lever and reduces the risk for damage to the rim caused by metal tyre levers.

This also reduces the risk of bead damaged caused by the tyre bead not being held in the well of the rim.

All of the accessories can be “moved out of the way” when not in use.

Automaster Tyre machines deliver years of dependability because they are built using only the highest quality component parts.

Automaster Equipment stocks a complete inventory of parts for the equipment we sell


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