Corghi Exact Linear Plus 3D Aligner - Premium Kit

The wheel aligner for everyone...
Simplicity combined with top notch performance

Two new high-resolution cameras for HI-Q artificial vision.

Target automatic tracking camera boom

Entry-level price with top-of-the-range specifications.A small investment for a great return.
● Fast ● Easy ● Precise ● Reliable● Complete ● Quality at affordable prices

Simple and efficient easy to learn, fast to select. 

New compact high-resolution small light targets, with spirit levels & front infrared filter for enhanced immunity to solar reflections.

The spirit level ensures better measurement accuracy.

Protection against light interference thanks to:
➡ Measurement by image difference.
➡ Low distortion optimised monolithic lens (RAVG < 0.50% in NIR) with antireflection
     nano coating.
➡ Integrated LPF filter to eliminate sunlight reflections.

New ergonomic design with new column and new cabinet with integrated targets and clamp holders.

LED synoptic indicators on both cameras

New Camera Mover with wormgear for better positioning accuracy & allows the operator to work from pit level to over two metres with a press on the control keyboard.



  • New integrated wormgear lift and safety system
  • Lift level auto tracking camera boom 
  • Ultra light 10-26" carbon wheel clamps
  • Latest generation high-resolution HI-Q camera for artificial vision. 10 MP total
  • Optimized monolithic optics with low distortion (RAVG < 0,50% in NIR) with nano anti-refl ection coating.
    Integrated LPF filter to eliminate sunlight reflections.
    Light operational indications with the integrated synoptic panel
  • Each acquisition is differentially processed by 2 consecutive
    images to eliminate measurement problems in critical sunlight
    conditions or in the presence of light reflections.
  • Simple and efficient easy to learn, fast to select.
  • Compact high resolution targets
  • Selectable and customisable colour or black and white printout. Vehicle
    and chassis graphic measurement printout.
  • The Operating System is MULTILINGUAL Windows 10 IoT.
  • No need for regular calibration
  • Multibrand international database with more than 40,000 vehicles divided by markets.
  • USA Dat bank included
  • Modified vehicle dataBank & Customer data bank, 
  • Live chassis measurements with graphic live indication.
  • Graphic live measurement with graphic chassis measurement
  • Selectable tutor on line that follows the operator step by step with graphic indicator on how to proceed
  • Camera movement kit alows the operator to work from pit level to over 2.00 meters by pressing a key on the keyboard.
  • Turn Tables 50mm  x 2
    Steering wheel holder x1
    Brake pedal depressor x1
    Colour printer x1
    LCD Monitor 27" x1
    Ultra light carbon Clamps 10-26"  Made in Italy x 4
    Nexremote tablet


Measuring ranges
Total toe ± 20°
Half toe ± 10°
Camber ± 10°
Caster ± 30°
King pin ± 30°
Set back ± 22°
Thrust angle ± 10°
Steering difference ± 20°
Power supply
Power supply voltage 115-230 Vac
50-60 Hz 1ph
Power absorption 500 W
Pc Holder 11 kg
Camera beam 26 kg
Column 66 kg


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