AM-451 Automaster Hand Spin Wheel Balancer

The Automaster AM-451 is the perfect choice for mobile wheel service, race tracks or small workshops.

Extremely portable and can easily be moved from workshop to trailer or mobile service truck.

The Automaster AM-451 is a hand spin balancer meaning there is NO electric motor. Power requirement to illuminate the display board can be either 230V or 12/24V.

The wheel/tyre assembly is easily “spun” with a minimal amount of effort.

The operator measures and inputs the wheel dimensions on the keypad, then spins the wheel assembly using the ergonomically designed hand crank.

The wheel accelerates to the necessary rotational speed and the word “GO” is displayed. Then the operator depresses the foot brake to stop the wheel.

This process normally takes less than 12 seconds. The operator attaches the correct amount of weight when the wheel is positioned at 12 o’clock.

  • Hand spin wheel balancer
  • Suitable for mobile service
  • 230v AC power or 12V/24VDC battery operation
  • AC/DC adaptor supplied as standard
  • Static and dynamic balancing modes
  • Motorcycle balancing mode
  • Rapid optimization (OPT)
  • Self-diagnosis and self-calibration
  • Unit display in gram/ounce or mm/inch
  • Pedal brake for application of weight
  • Back or front mounting
  • 40mm shaft
  • Optional oversized cone and spacer
Rim diameter 10" - 26"
Rim width 1.5" - 20"
Maximum wheel weight 65kg
Balancing speed 100-150 rpm
Accuracy 1gm +/-
Weight 85kg
Power supply 230v/1ph -12/24V DC



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