Vamag New Dimension 3D Aligner

100% Italian made 3D wheel alignment system with 6 HD cameras technology.

Perfect for short or drive through bays , with small or narrow hoists where conventional 3D systems can not be used

Fast to use and with the utmost precision.

Complete wheel geometry check in less than 30 seconds. Only with the New Dimension & hang-on-tyre clamps.

The cameras use a technology with auto-focus, automatic acquisition of targets and self-adjusting lighting to compensate the brightness of the environment.

The simple and user-friendly software, with 3D graphics of great impact, ensures that a complete measurement can be obtained with few clicks, and allows comparison of measurements with the data present in the integrated Autodata ® database.

Thanks to the patented measuring system and hang-on-tyre targets run-out can be skipped to save working time!

Customs install is possible for camera mounting options. It is possible to have them mounted wherever is most convenient for each bay — locked on stands beside the lift or the pit, secured to walls, or even hanging from the ceiling.

  • Run‐out compensation not required
  • Complete wheel geometry check in less than 30 seconds
  • Made in Italy
Turn tables

x 2

Steering wheel holder

x 1

Brake pedal depressor

x 1

Colour printer

x 1

LCD Monitor

x 1


x 4



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