Proline 150 - Truck Balancer

Corghi Proline 

Designed in Italy - made in China 

  • Electronic wheel balancer with digital display for truck, bus and car wheels
  • Wheel lifter included
  • Spins and brakes the wheel automatically
  • Auto Position at end of spin
  • New inverter technology that ensures better spin speed control for improved measuring stability

Supplied standard with following recommended accessories

  • "B"- GTR Quick Nut /Speed nut
  • "C" - Basic mounting cone kit 
  • "E"- Light truck mounting cone Kit 
  • "G" - Laser line and LED lighting kit
  • "H" - Coloured Red Front panel 

  • "B"- GTR Quick Nut /Speed nut included
  • "C" - Basic mounting cone kit included
  • "E"- Light truck mounting cone Kit included
  • "G" - Laser line and LED lighting kit inculded
  • "H" - Coloured Red Front panel included
  • FSP - smart arm wheel dimension detection
  • 2 spin speeds
  • Integrated lift - 200kg
  • Electronic motor control with Inverter brake
  • Automatic positioning
  • LED and LASER light
  • Electronic acquisition of the geometric wheel data. & Fast Selection Program 
    the balancing program is automatically activated for clip on or adhesive weights, avoiding the need to use the keypad.
  • User-friendly, for reduced work times
  • Spins and brakes the wheel automatically. At the end of the cycle, the wheel is brought to the
    balancing weight application position (RPA). The whole process is managed
    via new inverter technology that ensures better spin speed control for improved measuring
  • The LED light illuminates the work area to facilitate rim cleaning and counterweight application operations
  • Quick counterweight application, precise balancing, maximum visibility, ergonomics
  • Proline Truck 150 is equipped with all the most advanced programs:
    - 7 balancing programs for alloy rims
    - hidden weight for hiding the weights behind the spokes
    - 2 multi-operator work environments

Power supply voltage 230 V / 1 ph /50 hz - 115V / 1 ph/ 60 hz
Motor power 370 watt
Shaft diameter 40 mm
Pneumatic air supply 8-12 bar
Rim diameter 9”- 28” (automatico/automatic) – 8” – 35”
Rim width 2”- 20”
Max. wheel diameter 1200 mm - 47”
Max. wheel weight 200 kg
Rotation speed 120 rpm (Car) / 80 rpm (Truck)
Average measurement time 8 sec (Car) / 20 sec (Truck)
Balancing precision 1 g (Car) / 10 g (Truck)
Machine weight 265 Kg