Powerrex SL-8000/SL-10000/SL-12000 Four Post Truck Hoist

Premium quality lifts 100% manufactured in Korea

Approved to the Australian/NZ standard.

  • 2 x Electro -Hydraulic Jacking beams included controlled by remote
  • Electric locking system locks in all four posts of the hoist
  • Lifting height limitation control standard
  • 700mm Wide and 6090/7227mm long runways to accommodate small and large vehicles
  • 8000kg/10000kg /12000kg max lift weight
  • Delivery and installation not included
  • Premium quality lifts 100% manufactured in Korea

  • Available by special order only 

Column Height 2165/2216/2215mm
Width between columns 3175/3350/3350mm
Total Length 7820/8910/9800 incl ramps
Total width 3805/4037/4200mm incl motor
Ramp length 1200/1200/1470mm
Lifting capacity 8000/10000/12000kg
Runway length 6090/7227/7705mm
Runway width 700mm
Voltage 380V
Power 3hp/5hp
Lifting time (Approx) 50-60 sprox
Min. height 245/260mm


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