MAHA Wireless Mobile Column lift RGA 7.5T

  • MAHA truck hoist cloumn lift
  • Unique solid H Beam construction (Others have welded box chassis)
  • SUPER compact column lifts
  • Enables Higher lift 1750mm
  • Enables Longer Wheel Forks 400mm
  • Dual Channel Radio Communication -Switching channels to escape interference
  • 10 Channel options for multiple sets
  • Unique Ball Race worm drive (Others uses Chains or Hydraulics with ladder locks)
  • Millimeter adjustment – Super quick gearbox change’s
  • No “Resting on locks required with engine brake”
  • THREE safety points
  • Wireless column lifts run on deep cycle batteries
  • Only 10amp power socket required
  • 25-35 Lifts on single charge


The Stainless Steel Re-circulating Ball-Screw:

Unlike any other Wireless Mobile Column Lift, MAHA has designed and engineered their mobile lifts to operate by the extraordinary power of a stainless steel, re-circulating ball-screw. This unique operating approach eliminates all hydraulics, giving MAHA users distinct advantages.

No Rising Hydraulic Cylinder
No risk of a rising cylinder damaging the side of the lifted vehicle.

Lighter Weight
Weighs considerably less than a hydraulic mobile lift. Giving MAHA users a mobility advantage.

The ball screw has over 20 years life expectancy.

Low Maintenance
Superior compared to the acme screw type, as its low friction design is almost maintenance free.

Solid steel I-Beam

MAHA’s columns are sleek and slender, a solid steel I-Beam. This design is meant to safely hold substantial amounts of weight without bending, improve access around the lift, and make moving much easier than bulky hydraulic columns.

Safety System

Every column is built with additional safety features that go above and beyond certification requirements. Every MAHA column is equipped with a redundant safety system that includes a wedge lock (the same locking device used on elevators) and an industrial strength emergency brake.

Radio wireless control

5-year warrantee for entire spindle drive

MAHA USA provides 10 benefits the company's ball-screw technology compared to other technologies, such as hydraulic cylinders.

  1. No energy loss caused by friction or heat. The ball-screw allows MAHA USA's mobile lifts to operate at over 90 percent efficiency.
  2. The ball-screw has absolutely no risk of hydraulic fluid leaks.
  3. 20+ years service life.
  4. The ball-screw's splash-proof and dirt-repellant design promises minimal mechanical wear and less maintenance.
  5. The viscosity of hydraulic fluid found in hydraulic powered lifts can be affected by low temperatures. The ball-screw is not influenced by such factors, guaranteeing smooth operation in any temperature, according to the company.
  6. Ball-screw allows an unvarying column height; no rising hydraulic cylinder, thus reducing risk of vehicle damage.
  7. The ball-screw assembly is driven by a top motor coupled to a worm gear box with industrial-strength brakes. These brakes remain engaged while the lift is not in operation. Therefore, setting mechanical locks is not required.
  8. The ball-screw system lifts and supports. The wedge lock is a redundant safety feature that stays in like-new condition throughout the life of the lift, unlike mechanical locks that wear over time.
  9. The ball-screw reduces the column weight by 20 to 25 percent when compared to hydraulic units, according to the company.
  10. Ball-screw operates using minimal power, reducing electricity costs.

Information provided by: MAHA USA

load capacity per column 7500 kg
Motor power per column 1.5 kW
Weight per column 545 kg
Full travel 1750 mm
Raising / lowering time 113 s / 113 s
Charger voltage 230 V
Lifting cycles at full load 25
Lifting cycles at partial load (3500 kg) 35
Tyre diameter min. / max. 550 mm / 1500 mm
Safety class IP 54