AM-412 Automaster Pro Series Wheel Balancer

Heavy Duty Pro Series balancer with Auto data entry to suit busy workshop or tyre shops 

The Automaster AM-412 is our most popular choice in our Automaster range of wheel balancers 

With its competitive price , advanced features, extreme reliability, high accuracy and a two year warranty its easy to see why.   

It is a very a simple user friendly, yet sophisticated wheel balancer.

Automaster wheel balancers are built using only the highest quality component parts. 

Should the need arise sometime in the future parts are also low cost and very easy to replace.  
The Automaster AM-412 is capable of self-diagnosing problems and displays error codes so the operator can make the necessary adjustments or repairs in their own shop.

Almost any problem can be sorted with the manual and phone support from our experienced technicians.  

The simplicity in both ease of use and ease of repair, makes this balancer the perfect choice for your mechanical workshop or tyre shop.
Automaster Equipment stock a complete inventory of parts for the equipment we sell.

From $20 per week

  • Exceptional stability in reading the unbalance between planes.
  • Auto data entry
  • Automatic positioning where to apply weights
  • Self calibration feature
  • Display in grams or ounces, in mm or inches
  • Normal, Static, ALu1, ALu2, Alu3, Alu4 and Alu* balance modes
  • Split hidden stick on weight application
  • Back or front mounting
  • Automatic start/stop when hood is lowered/raised.
  • Higher, easy to read display
  • Automatic and pedal operated brake
  • Large weight tray
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Optional oversized cone and spacer
  • 2 Year Warranty
Rim diameter 10" - 30"
Rim width 1.5" - 20"
Maximum wheel weight 75kg
Balancing speed 150 rpm
Accuracy 1gm +/-
Weight 145kg
Power supply 230v/1ph



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