Automaster AM-7530 Mid Rise belly lifter  

The Automaster AM-7530 Mid Rise lift is a free standing portable scissor lift.

The perfect lift for wheel & tyre, brake and suspension service specialists.

This portable lift easily raises a 3000kg car or light commercial vehicle to a comfortable working height and does not require the customer to position arms under the lifting points of the car.

The operator simply positions the heavy duty rubber blocks under the correct lifting points. The operation is very quick and the chance for any damage to the underside of the car is minimal.


The portable power unit console includes a (off/on) power switch, power indicator light, and three (3) control buttons. (up, down, and safety lock). Up button raises the lift. Lock button lowers the lift into a locked position. Lowering button (when depressed) raises the lift off locked position; then actuates lift lock bar movement (off locks) and then allows lift to lower to the ground.

This power unit is also used to move the lift around on a smooth surface. The lift can be rolled to and from an inside work bay to an outside concrete apron work area.

The open middle section allows access to many areas on the underside of the car that are not easily accessible with other portable mid-rise lifts employing a full superstructure.

The approach ramps lock into a horizontal position to extend the runway platform length by an additional 285mm on each end give a total of 570mm extra length.

The dual power cylinders and the solid safety lock ladder bars make this one of the most versatile and easy to use mid-rise lifts available. .

Supplied standard with one set (4) 80mm and one set 40mm rubber lifting blocks, Air regulator/moisture trap & oiler, standard single phase plug, and oil hose covers.

Using only the very best quality components like oil pumps, cylinders & electric motors (plus all other components) this lift will provide reliable, durable performance even in the most demanding environments.  

Automaster lifts deliver years of dependability because they are built using only the highest quality component parts.
Automaster Equipment stocks a complete inventory of parts for the equipment we sell

From $27 per week

  • Red or Blue normally in stock
  • For fast and safe lifting of vehicles
  • Lock up ramps to extend length
  • Hydraulic & mechanical safety locking system
  • Electro-hydraulic lifting system
  • 4 x 40mm & 4 x 80mm Rubber lifting blocks
  • 10 Amp NZ Single phase plug
  • Water trap & oiler supplied 
  • Great for tyre, suspension, & brake servicing
  • Great work height for panel repairs
  • Optional Van lifting kit
  • Optional Low car ramp extenstion kit 
Capacity 3000kg
Min. height 110mm
Max. height 1000mm
Power  230v / 1ph
Lifting time 45 sec
Weight 400Kg
Platform Length 1400mm
Platform width 46 460mm
Lowing time 35 sec




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