AM-306 Automaster Super Heavy Duty Tyre Changer

Automaster AM-306 Automatic Super Heavy Duty universal commercial tyre changer.

Features a remote controlled rotating bead breaker disc and mount/demount head that can be actuated from the remote console.

This machine is designed and engineered to handle rim sizes from 14"-47" (56" with optional kit) inches and tyre diameters in excess of over 2400mm.

Automaster AM-306 Truck Tyre Changer can easily accommodate tyres with a maximum width of up to 1300mm and a max wheel weight of 1800kg.

This truck tyre changer is designed for truck tyre shops that demand dependability and durability in their equipment.

The AM-306 handles off-road tyres, agricultural tyres, super singles, tractor and skidder and earth mover tyres and is the perfect choice for the commercial tyre centre that does a wide variety of tyres.

Perfect machine to cover everything from standard road wheel assemblies, with the added power and size capabilities to change agricultural and off road wheel assemblies too.

The AM-306 has all the power you will need with twin motors, one to drive the rotation and the other to drive the hydraulic pump.

This machine has powerful bead breaking force of 2690kg.

Automaster Tyre machines deliver years of dependability because they are built using only the highest quality component parts.

Automaster Equipment stocks a complete inventory of parts for the equipment we sell.

  • 2 Year warranty
  • Fully-automatic universal truck, earth-moving, agriculture and industrial tyre changer
  • Mobile cable control remote.
  • Remote operated tool arm saves operator effort and speeds tyre-changing with automatic tilting, plus mounting head/ bead breaker disc can be turned over and swapped from right to left from the remote. 
  • For tubeless and tube type tyres
  • Time saving two speed chuck operation
  • Solid, single-piece frame for added capacity and dependability
  • Powerful Bead Breaker
  • Optional Wireless Control Console
  • Automatic tool arm positioning
Rim diameter 14"-47" (56" with optional kit)
Maximum wheel diameter 2400mm
Maximum wheel width 1300mm
Hydraulic Pump Motor 2.2kw 380V-3Ph
Gearbox Motor 2.6/3.2kw 380V-3Ph 2 speed
Operating Pressure 50-130 bars
Max Wheel Weight 1800kg
Bead Breaking force 2690kg
Gross Weight 1025kg



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