Automaster AM-7130DH Full Rise Scissor Lifter

The Automaster AM-7130D full rise scissor lift combines an extremely low lift platform height of 100mm and an impressive1900mm full height position.

A full rise scissor lift that is the perfect above ground, or flush mounted lift for those customers with ceiling height or width restrictions.

The flush mounting of the scissor lift gives the service area a “clean look” and also provides a “flat surface” which can be driven over from any angle, making it easy to position the vehicle over the lifting platforms.
With the option of flexible distance between the lift platforms of the lift can accommodate a full frame, uni-body, or SUV (truck) lifting points.

It is highly recommended that you purchase the optional van lifting bar kit  if the intended use is for lifting commercial vehicles (pickup trucks and SUVs) with narrow lifting points .

The separate control panel may be conveniently positioned to allow easy access for the operator. The 220 volt (single phase) electric/hydraulic power unit is housed inside the metal control panel box. The push button controls activate the raising and lowering of the lift. The sophisticated 10 position air actuated lock system is automatically engaged and disengaged as the lift is being raised or lowered.

Each hinge point has a zerk grease fitting to allow maximum lubrication to each joint. The UHMP wear blocks ensure years of smooth operation of the lifting surface.

This lift also has locking approach ramps (attached to the lifting platforms) that can be locked into a horizontal position to extend the platform length.

Supplied standard with one set (4) rubber lifting blocks, Air regulator/moisture trap & oiler, and oil hose covers.

Using only the very best quality components like oil pumps, cylinders & electric motors (plus all other components) this lift will provide reliable, durable performance even in the most demanding environments.  

Automaster lifts deliver years of dependability because they are built using only the highest quality component parts.
Automaster Equipment stocks a complete inventory of parts for the equipment we sell

From $35 per week 

  • This scissor lift is specially designed to maximize the usage of floor space available in the workshop and it is constructed from high quality robust steel.
  • Powered by four powerful hydraulic cylinders. Extendable foldable ramps at both ends of the main platforms permit the lifting of long vehicle with ease.
  • The ultra low level construction (100 mm) of this lift helps when dealing with low vehicles.
  • Increases the space around the servicing bays and permits more room for the operator to perform the maintenance work on the vehicle freely.
  • The Safety device prevents the lift from descending when the electric power is cut-off suddenly or with hydraulic failure.
  • Standard design on the lift comprises of Italian made solenoid hydraulic valve system with imported hydraulic cylinders.
Lifting Capacity 3000kg
Lifting Height 1900mm
Min Height 100mm
Motor Power 2.2kw
Weight 960kg
Lifting Time (Approx) 50-60s
External Dimensions 1900(L)*2050(W)*115(H)mm



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