AM-230K- Automaster Low Post Two Post Hoist

The AM-230K has been designed for customers who require the versatility of a 2 Post Lift but have a low ceiling or roof height.

The post height is only 2024mm which is ideal for many home workshops and domestic garages

Using only the very best quality components like balance cables, oil pumps, cylinders & electric motors (plus all other components) this lift will provide reliable, durable performance even in the most demanding environments.  

Automaster lifts deliver years of dependability because they are built using only the highest quality component parts.
Automaster Equipment stocks a complete inventory of parts for the equipment we sell


  • Features

    •   3000Kg Capacity
    •  Post height 2024mm
    •  Outside post width 3290mm
    •  Low profile screw adjustable lift pads at 100mm
    •  Lifting height 1500mm
    •  Lift pad extensions included
    •  Floor bolts included
    •  Low maintenance due to hydraulic design
    •  Parachute valves inside hydraulic rams
    •  Low voltage control system

Lifting capacity 3000kg
Lifting height 1500-1675mm
Min. height 100mm
Voltage 230v 1Ph



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