5. Corghi Artiglio Master 28

The perfect synthesis

In 2001 we revolutionised the world of tyre changers by introducing the concept of leverless work. Since then, we have continued to develop this technology that today, despite countless attempts to copy it, still remains unmatched thanks to the “SMART Corghi System” characteristics,
the only existing technology on the market that allows you to:
NEVER TOUCH THE RIM, during any of the work phases;
- Cancels any tension on the tyre during the demounting/mounting phases.
This is the difference between us and the rest.

This technology is at the heart of the new Artiglio Master 28 and it is the perfect synthesis of the experiences gained over these 18 years.
In a single tyre changer you will find all our manufacturing and design experience, for a product that operates perfectly on every type of wheel,for an unrivalled technical and economic investment over time.
Because NOT ALL LEVA LA LEVA TYRE CHANGERS ARE THE SAME! And we know that all too well.

No one has been able to copy the patented SMART Corghi System.


  • Electronic setting of the rim diameter with auto positioning of all working tools
  • The new demounting tool head is a perfect combination of that found on the Artiglio
    Master 26 and that on the Artiglio Master CODE,merging the advantages of the two solutions
  • Dynamic auto positioning bead breaking device with dual bead breaker discs 
  • Controlled penetration (Patent Pending) Precision,rapidity and repeatability are guaranteed by the patented
    bead breaking system and by the perfectly synchronized and symmetrical motions of the two discs.
  • Enhanced bead breaker force to operate effectively on all types of tyres
  • Bead depressor with adjustable working height & shape ideal for RFT tyres
  • A wheel lifter for effortlessly placing wheels of any type onto the turntable
  • 2 speed motoinverter motor
Wheel Clamping 13" - 28"
Rotation Speed 7-18 rpm
Maximum tyre width 16"
Operating Pressure (min) 8-9.5 bar
Weight 470kg
Drive Motor 230 V DV MI mtotor