2. Corghi HD850A Truck & Bus Tyre Changer

  • Automatic tyre changer for use on truck and bus wheels of any type - with tube or tubeless - up to 26” diameter.
  • New re-engineered structure, new power unit and new hydraulic cylinders - these are the main component improvements of the new HD 850 A.  
  • The New structure has been designed to guarantee resistance and robustness.
  • New power unit: the new hydraulic power unit gives the tyre changer far more strength and speed for work operations.
  • The New Hydraulic Cylinders used to move the tool carriage and the clamp arm have been oversized for more force during operation to offer greater bead breaking strength.
  • The HD 850 A is fitted with a hydraulic tool-holder arm with automatic raising and rotation of the tool and disc.
  • The dual movement of the tool-holder and clamp arm structure is simultaneous.
  • Hydraulic turntable clamp with capacity from 14” to 26”,fitted with a check valve to prevent accidental closure.
  • Thanks to the New Position of the hydraulic control unit the overall dimensions have been optimised to guarantee overall dimensions of less than 2 metres (78”), thus obtaining a layout that allows the installation of the tyre changer on trucks.
  • The shape of the bead breaker disc is designed to make it easier for the disc itself to penetrate between the tyre rim and bead.
  • The state-of-the-art gear motor unit of the twin rotational speed type, and the clamp raising cylinder has a check valve that prevents any accidental lowering movement.
  • Energy saving  Start & Stop device! This is used to automatically switch motors off and turn them back on when the next control signal is received.
  • These are the new features available as standard.

Corghi - The worlds most trusted and proven name in tyre changing equipment

  • 100% made in Italy
  • Greater bead breaking strength.
  • The New structure has been designed to guarantee resistance and robustness.
  • Start & Stop device!
  • Dimensions of less than 2 metres
  • Dual movement of the tool-holder and clamp arm
  • Tool arm hydraulic lifting
  • Max. wheel width 780 mm
  • Max. wheel diameter 1500 mm
  • Chucking device capacity 14”÷26”
  • Hold on central hole ø 120 ÷ 570 mm
  • Hydraulic unit motor 3ph - 1,5 kW
  • 2 speed gear box motor 3ph - 1,1÷1,5 kW
  • Rotation torque 2500 Nm
  • Bead breaker power 20000 N
  • Maximum liftable wheel weight 700 kg
  • Wheel lifter cylinder capacity 1000 kg
  • Net Weight 590 kg
  • Gross weight 620 kg
  • Export packaging 1900 x 1500 x 900 mm


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