AM-7251DC - Automaster Mobile Single Post Car Hoist

The AM-7251DC is designed for workshops where space is at a premium. It is totally mobile and can be moved by one person with ease once unloaded. This machine is operated by a powerful 24v DC Battery pack, which gives it the advantage of having no trailing wires during operation.  The four swivel lifting arms are easily adjusted and will lock automatically and stay in place during operation. The perfect lift for all workshops.

  • 24v D.C.
  • Lifting Capacity 2.5T
  • Lifting Height 1755mm
  • Fully Mobile (When unloaded)
  • Four Extendable Swivel Lifting Arms
  • Double Screw Adjustable Lift Pads
  • 12 piece Lift Pad Adaptor Kit Included (For vans / 4×4
  • European CE Safety Certified
  • 1 Year warranty
Lifting capacity 2500kg
Lifting height 1755-1835
Min. height 115mm
Lifting time approx 45S
Voltage 24v DC
Weight 860kg
Warranty 1 Year